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Conversation with a Beaver © 2012 Judith K. Berg.
Paintings © the Author.
Photos © Judith K. Berg and David I. Berg.
Book and Cover Design by Matt Gravelle.
Published August, 2012 by 

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Pine Orchard, Inc.

Printed using vegetable-based ink on recycled paper. Manufactured with materials composed of 30% to 100% post-consumer fiber, treated without chlorine.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be used for the preservation of fresh water habitat.

The book, The Otter Spirit
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The book, Conversation with a Beaver
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Conversation with a Beaver©
and other Journeys into Nature

Timeless Educational Creative-Non-Fiction for Adolescents through Adults
Hard Cover, 208 pages, with References
Richly Illustrated with Over 80 Color Photographs


  2012 NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award


2013 Green Book Festival Award

Honorable Mention - Animals


Follow the seasonal journey of a beaver family residing in the high Colorado Rocky Mountains. Learn about the biology, habitat, and behavior of this hard-working, family-oriented, ecosystem engineer.

Along our trek, we discover how other animals, as well, have adapted to the seasons in this montane environment. From the full pantries of summer to the scarcity of food in winter, we become aware of their adaptive behaviors.

Our journey of discovery continues as we look through Natureís window into the lives of fauna and flora residing in wetland, riparian, and wet-prairie ecosystems of the lower-altitude southern Willamette Valley in Oregon. But we wonít ignore the beaver; after all, they are the Oregon state mammal.

I speak to a nearby beaver

in a soft, gentle tone of voice.

You see, I came to study you . . .

"Journey into the Natural World through fact-based imagination as the author talks and travels with Mother Natureís beaver.

"Then venture through Willow Creek Preserve and on Fern Ridge Lake to view Oregonís birds, fish, mammals, butterflies, and native plants. Whether it is rain-drenched locales or drought-stricken areas, the beaver has become Natureís engineer that has helped solve many ecosystem problems.

"Very creative and shows there is an artistic, sensitive side to a research scientist. I learned a lot about the beaver!

- Carolyn Gravelle, Ph.D., Publisher and Editor

"Berg informs us about the interconnectivity of flora and fauna in various regions by focusing on the life of a beaver via an imagined conversation with one. She draws the reader into that conversation and cleverly reveals much about this vital mammal. Her approach is to paint a picture that appeals to our innermost child. It is an easy read that would entertain anyone's curiosity about what makes these dam-builders so vital to not only other animals, but to plants and humans as well. Her oneness with Mother Nature is appealing and invites all to listen and observe more closely. Berg invites you to try and appreciate everything that Mother Nature has to offer by quietly seeking it out for yourself, one magical discovery at a time."

- Linda Murdock, The US Review


" I have the feeling I am right there with you, Judith, and observe and experience Nature with your eyes. I get excited, happy, afraid, cold, and tired with you. I am right there, like I lived your adventures. You have also a fantastic imagination. The book is beautifully designed with your painting on the cover."

 - Brigitte Beumer, Scientist and Friend


" What a beautiful and insightful read. I greatly enjoyed the [journeys]."

 - Susana Hamilton, Willamette Resources and Education Network


"This award-winning author follows the seasonal journey of a beaver family residing in the high Colorado Rocky Mountains. Intriguing discussions of the biology, habitat, and behavior of this hard-working, family-oriented, ecosystem engineer. Years of wetland observations are distilled into this masterpiece of creative non-fiction. "

 - Jennifer Rigby, Director, The Acorn Group/Acorn Naturalists


"Judy, congratulations on your book. I'm reading and thoroughly enjoying it! The way you combine your imagination with the facts - I'm learning so much that I never knew. Judy - how blessed we both are to share our love of nature."

 - Barbara King, Naturalist-Interpreter, Rocky Mountain National Park


"Here is a love and understanding of Nature that must be felt by all of us so that Earth may regain her balance. The design, beauty, and connectedness in the Natural world come alive on this journey, to be carried with us in our actions and in our hearts as we remember what the Beaver has shared. The Beaver's world and our world are the same. We must try to keep the connection alive."

 - Anne Robertson, Artist


"Conversation with a Beaver has so much about nature that the average person has no knowledge of. The beavers and otters do so much natural work that is beneficial to Nature. We take too much for granted. Your book explains and tells us how fortunate we are to have these dear creatures."

 - Lydia Brown, Age 97, Lifelong friend



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