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Judith K. Berg

Emerging from a traumatic period in her childhood, Judith K. Berg vowed to invest her life in making a contribution. She didn’t know how that would manifest itself until a university professor invited Judy to conduct observations as part of a study on African elephant behavior in an atypical captive environment. She knew then that her contribution would be towards the preservation of endangered species of the world. Her graduate research on elephant vocalizations and associated behaviors quantified for the first time that elephants communicate with low-frequency sounds that are known to be below the range of human hearing and resulted in a landmark publication on the subject.

Armed with her graduate degree, Judy became a Research Associate at the San Diego Wild Animal Park (now renamed the San Diego Zoo Safari Park). After completing ten years’ research on African elephants, she directed her behavioral studies to endangered Japanese serow, Chinese goral, okapi, and barasingha deer. Concurrent with her research, she also participated actively in local and regional nature conservation issues.

When Judy relocated to Colorado, she was determined that she would conduct the final project of her career on an endangered species in the wild. With encouragement from a number of wildlife professionals, Judy chose the state-endangered North American River Otter on the Colorado River in Rocky Mountain National Park and surrounds. Joining the river otter in her research was the American Beaver. The many hours spent in this spectacular environment connected Judy with Native American spirituality and even closer to the wonders of Mother Nature and her children.

From every research project that Judy conducted emerged publications in the scientific and popular literature, as well as presentations to international professional and secular audiences. Although she fulfilled her life’s goal, her personal drive and commitment led her to write The Otter Spirit. This was followed later by the fact-filled journey Conversation with a Beaver.

Many ideas for the short stories contained in Weathered Wood materialized during the long hours spent performing her research alone with the natural world.


Following the publication of Conversation with a Beaver, Judy turned to oil painting. While she dabbled in watercolors through the years, oils became her passion. Judy's artworks always contain an element of the natural world, hopefully evoking an appreciation for Nature in their viewers. Judy's style is distinctly her own brand of impressionism, strongly influenced and inspired by Vincent van Gogh. Visit her art gallery - art to evoke an appreciation of Nature - to see for yourself.

Judy, her husband David, and their newest special companion Millie (following Rusty's passing in December, 2011 and Honeybun's in September, 2013) are currently enjoying their little sanctuary for wildlife and continuing to contribute to the world of Nature in Eugene, Oregon.

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