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Weathered Wood © 2008 Judith K. Berg.
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Published August, 2008 by

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The book, The Otter Spirit
The book, Weathered Wood
The book, Conversation with a Beaver
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Weathered Wood©
and Other Short Stories

Soft Cover, 94 pages. $9.95 Retail.

From Judy Berg's imagination comes short stories of mystery, humor, and our finite existence. She explains, "Many ideas for these stories materialized during the long hours spent as a professional wildlife researcher alone with the natural world."

Weathered Wood follows her award-winning hardcover book, The Otter Spirit, that chronicles the life journey of a river otter and the autobiographical complement of the otter's researcher in a blend of researched facts, firsthand observations, interpretive illustrations, descriptive poems, and Native American spirituality.

"Judy's beloved dog Rusty was the inspiration to write 'Rustyís Nose Knows for Sure.' His curiosity discovers a murder, but his intelligence finds the killer. Taking on the animalís point of view is an entertaining approach to this adventure in her dogís life.

Some other stories share this intrigue and fun while others reveal simplicity of life with lovely landscapes of the outdoors.

I enjoy 'Weathered Wood' and 'The Perfect Fly Fisherman' for intrigue and mystery, but 'The Meadowlark Sings' and 'Finite' are favorites because of their soothing approach to simplicity, life, and nature."

—Carolyn Gravelle, Ph.D., Publisher, Editor, Educator


"[Rusty's Nose ...] made me more aware of a dog's point of view and the importance of listening to animals' voices."

—Anne Robertson, Artist


"As I read each story, I could see you in each situation. It colored my whole outlook and made each event seem personal. I truly enjoyed your ability to transform an occurrence in your life into a story."

—Doug McDaniel, Financial Advisor


"Your stories are very sensitive and well thought out. You incorporate Mother Nature and the cerebral very nicely."

 —David Galfond, Writer


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