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Questions answered in 
Conversation with a Beaver

These are but a few of the questions you'll be able to answer by reading this book.

What is the physiology that allows beavers to stay underwater for fifteen minutes?

What adaptations do beavers use during winter in montane environments when thick ice covers their ponds and snow covers their lodges and terrestrial habitats?

What are the environmental contributions of beaver ponds?


Questions answered in 
Other Journeys into Nature

Why is the beaver called a "choosy generalist herbivore?"

Why are otters referred to as a "flagship species" to water quality in freshwater systems?

How many kinds of tunnels are made by gophers and moles and what are their purposes?

What characteristics of our predators - coyote, red fox, and bobcat - are important to their lifestyles?

What are the sizes of these predators' home ranges?

What are vole cycles and what species keep their populations in balance?

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