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Preface to The Otter Spirit

This is a natural history story of the life of a river otter and the autobiographical complement of the otter’s researcher. Their unique journey through life transcends two worlds: the real and the spiritual. Travel with them through seasons and years as they discover many remarkable mysteries of the natural world, evoking wonder at its beauty and diversity.

The story of The Otter Spirit is based on true accounts of observations the researcher recorded firsthand, and on imagined events that very credibly could be observed, based on reports documented in the referenced literature. The dialogue and expression of feelings among the otters and other animals in this book are admitted anthropomorphic interpretations of events told in the story. However, facts articulated in the book are real and substantiated by direct measurement by the researcher or authenticated in the references.

Hope prevails that, through the tale of the Otter Spirit, a genuine appreciation of these marvelous animals and the environment they call home will be conferred to the reader. For some, a greater passion will drive them to research the literature and, perhaps, go beyond, to find their own Otter Spirit on a river, in a forest, on a mountain yet to be explored and personally realize the sacred gifts that Nature offers those who take the time to hear the Ancient Voices.

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